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Financial Analysis and Risk Management for Microfinance Practitioners

 Managing risk is an inherent component of delivering financial services. This course covers critical issues of financial analysis and risk management within a dynamic and interactive environment. The course uses both theory and practices of financial analysis and risk management in-line with standards and sector specific global best practices.

This seven-day course is designed to help MFIs to develop and improve the quality of their own risk management processes. The focus is on problem prevention, early detection, and control. The participants will get the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and tools they require not only to support their respective areas or functions in implementing effective operational risk management but also for integrating risk management with disciplines including monitoring and compliance. It will also position the participants to become vital agents in improving risk-based thinking, supporting a positive risk culture and enabling their organisations to view risk as an opportunity.

The course does this by combining practical knowledge and application of risk management tools with a variety of techniques to identify vulnerabilities, design and implement controls and monitor the effectiveness of controls with special focus on operational risks to avert financial risks as well. On completion of this course, the participants will have a solid understanding of how advanced risk management can benefit the MFIs to ensure sustainable growth in their future operations. .


  • Identify and prepare for threats vis-à-vis learn how to make contingency plans, explore strategies for developing and maintaining robust alternative plan for plausible risk management.
  • Design practical risk management tool kit for immediate use by the microfinance organisations.
  • An opportunity to learn the means of benchmarking the participants’ organisation in line with the KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Models of digital financial inclusion practices.
  • Best practice sharing and networking with largest microfinance development organisations including PKSF and Grameen Bank.


After completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • EXPLAIN risk management framework and major risks of MFIs;
  • IDENTIFY how to assess and prioritise risks applying different risk management tools;
  • ANALYSE financial statements for setting financial indicators and detect early signals to avert losses due to delinquency;
  • UNDERSCORE profitability & financial sustainability, liquidity & solvency in microfinance programmes applying different KPIs (key performance indicators);
  • DESCRIBE best composition of asset liability management;
  • DEVELOP risk register, internal control system and policies for effective management of risk;
  • EXPLAIN best practices of risk management for microfinance institutions;
  • USE cutting edge, best practice tools and techniques to identify risk in terms of both threat and opportunity, assess risk effectively and select appropriate risk treatment measures;
  • CREATE risk communication strategies and initiatives to influence stakeholders and set the tone for interactive risk management for sustainable growth.


This programme is mainly targeted to senior microfinance practitioners such as:

  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Banks dealing with Microfinance
  • Supervisory & Regulatory bodies, and
  • Academicians involved in microfinance


Module 1: Risk and risk management framework in Global Microfinance

Module 2: Modern risk and controls to ensure sustainability of MFIs

 Module 3: Advanced financial analysis for MFIs

Module 4: Developing risk register: Best global practices

 Module 5: Advanced risk mitigation tools

 Module 6: Models of digital financial inclusion


The course fee will vary depending on the course module and structure. Hence, it  will be made available upon request.

Type: Residential

Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Medium of Instruction: English

For details, contact InM Training Division.

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