A New InM Certificate Course in Microfinance

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The Education Division is planning to launch a new InM Certificate Course in Microfinance to attract fresh graduates to the microfinance sector and provide them with basic skills to build a career in the sector. The aim of the programme is to provide a route to the graduates to gain useful understanding of microfinance operations, management and other related knowledge and practical experience so that they can perform efficiently in the sector from the beginning of their career. The course is ideally designed to address the needs and aspirations of the entrants. The programme is developed by a group of practitioners with long professional and practical experience in the microfinance sector. To solicit feedback from the sector leaders, a meeting with leading MFIs was organised on 20 March 2019 in which the details of the course outline and structure and the rationale behind introducing the course were shared by InM.  


The distinguished participants highly appreciated the InM initiative and suggested improvements to enrich the contents and objectives of the course. They suggested that the success of the course could become a milestone for the advancement of the microfinance sector. The Education Division is currently working on revising the course contents and the course will be offered by InM soon.



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Advisory Committee Meeting of ‘Comprehensive Rural Finance’ Study
Advisory Committee Meeting of ‘Comprehensive Rural Finance’ Study
Advisory Committee Meeting of ‘Comprehensive Rural Finance’ Study
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