National Current Training Course

Training with MRA, PKSF and other MFIs

  • Microfinance Operations & Management (for MRA officials)
  • Microfinance for Beginner MFIs (for MRA pre-licensed MFIs)
  • Savings & Microcredit Management
  • Microenterprise Management & Lending
  • Accounts & Financial Management
  • Risk Management in Microenterprise Operations & Interpersonal Communications
  • Interpersonal Communications & Risk Management
  • PKSF Partner Organisations (POs) Training


Tailor Made Training

Tailor-made training programmes are carefully designed, prepared and carried out according to the requirement of the microfinance institutions. Tailor-made training courses often challenge our trainers to go that extra mile to get into the heart of the matter, the road that may not be found in any standard book or training manuals. InM organises tailor-made training courses both at national and international level.