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Training Courses, July 2017 – June 2018

During 2017-18, InM training activities targeted NGO-MFIs staff especially in credit operations, financial management, microenterprises, participatory managerial skills, risk management and monitoring of credit operations at the field level. These have mostly been organised for PKSF partner organisations (POs) and MRA-licensed MFIs. In addition, customised courses were arranged for interested NGO-MFIs. The course design of these trainings was need-based having standard and integrated modules as opposed to prototype training. In 2017-18, new tailor-made trainings have also been developed including specialised courses for the PKSF’s PACE Programme.

PKSF Partner Organisations Training

PKSF, an apex development organisation, has been assisting its POs to strengthen their capabilities in different areas. InM, jointly with PKSF, organises different training programmes for the POs. During 2017-18, the following courses were organised for PKSF POs:

Credit Operations and Management

  • Credit Operations and Institutional Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Group Dynamism in Poverty Alleviation: Savings and Microcredit Management

Accounts and Financial Management

  • Accounts and Financial Management
  • Financial Management and Internal Control for MFIs

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Development

  • Microenterprise Operations and Management
  • Enterprise Management and Promotion of Private Business
  • MSME Operations and Management
  • Value Chain Project Design and Management
  • Loan Management of Microenterprises

Generic Training

  • Training of Trainers (ToT)

A total of 987 participants from POs of PKSF joined these training courses.

MRA Licensed MFIs Training

MRA is the central regulatory body established by the government to monitor and supervise microfinance operations in the country. During the year, two batches of training were organised on Financial Management and Internal Control for MFIs. A total of 37 participants from 33 licensed MFIs joined the courses.

Customised Training

During 2017-18, six customised training courses were organised covering Risk Management and Monitoring in Microfinance Operations at Field Level; Improving Participatory Managerial Skills and Management Style; Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of Monitoring and Auditing for MFIs; and Building Workplace Attitude and Values for Enhancing Organisational Commitment. A total of 127 participants from 12 NGO-MFIs joined these courses.

Capacity Building Training of Trainers (ToT) on WCAD Model
Advisory Committee Meeting of ‘Comprehensive Rural Finance’ Study
Advisory Committee Meeting of ‘Comprehensive Rural Finance’ Study
Advisory Committee Meeting of ‘Comprehensive Rural Finance’ Study
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