Exposure Visit of Chinese Delegation

Institute of Microfinance (InM) organised a one-week Exposure Visit Programme, during October 23-28, 2011, for an eight-member Chinese Delegation Team comprising microfinance and development practitioners from both Mainland China and Hong Kong.

The main purpose of this programme was to let them aware of the contemporary issues of microfinance in Bangladesh. During their stay in Bangladesh, they visited BRAC, Grameen Trust, and PKSF.

Another five-member team from DAIBANG, a growing MFI operating in China, visited InM for an eight-day exposure visit programme during November 26 –December 3, 2011. At this time, they met with microfinance practitioners at ASA, BRAC, COAST TRUST, Grameen Trust, and PKSF.

The delegates showed their keen interest to the microfinance and development activities in Bangladesh, and from the gathered knowledge and experiences, the delegation team hoped the visit to be useful for the practitioners and stakeholders of microfinance in China.