Working Papers

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63November, 2020Digital Transformation of MFIs: A Post Covid-19 Agenda for Bangladesh

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Mustafa K Mujeri
62October, 2020Covid-19 and MFIs in Bangladesh: Innovations in Resilience Building

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Mustafa K. Mujeri , Farhana Nargis, Nahid Akhter, Farah Muneer
61July, 2020Financial Exclusion Status and Barriers to Financial Inclusion among Vulnerable Populations in Bangladesh

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Farhana Nargis and Shah Md. Ahsan Habib
60June, 2020Crisis coping and saving pattern of vulnerable street and working children in Bangladesh

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Farhana Nargis
59November, 2019Saving Behaviour and Financial Inclusion of Vulnerable Working Children: A Case of Bangladesh

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Farah Muneer
58November, 2018Impact of Remittances on Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Bangladesh

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Nahid Akhter
57August, 2018Impact of Access to Credit on Microenterprise Development

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Farah Muneer
56May, 2018Branch Expansion and Institutional Sustainability of MFIs in Bangladesh

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Farhana Nargis, Mustafa K Mujeri, Farah Muneer
55May, 2018Role of Digital Financial Services in Promoting Inclusive Growth in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities

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Mustafa K. Mujeri , Sifat-E-Azam
54April, 2018Interoperability of Digital Finance in Bangladesh: Challenges and Taking-Off Options

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Mustafa K. Mujeri , Sifat-E-Azam
53June, 2017Is Microcredit A Trap for the Poor? Shifting Reality from Myth

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S. R. Osmani
52June, 2017Impact of Mobile Financial Services on Financial Inclusion in Bangladesh

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Nahid Akhter and M. A. Baqui Khalily
51June, 2016Dynamics of Overlapping in the Microcredit Sector of Bangladesh

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S. R. Osmani, M. A. Baqui Khalily and Mehadi Hasan
50June, 2016Models of Microcredit Delivery and Social Norm

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S. R. Osmani
49June, 2016Approaches of MFIs to Disasters and Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh

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Mahfuz Kabir, Shuddhasattwa Rafiq, S. M. Kalbin Salema and Henry Scheyvens
48May, 2016Demand for Micro Health Insurance in Rural Bangladesh

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Syed M. Ahsan, Syed Abdul Hamid and Shubhasish Barua
47May, 2016Does Overlapping Borrowing in Micro Credit Market Contribute to Over-Indebtedness in Bangladesh?

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M. A. Baqui Khalily, Rushad Faridi and Farzana Saeed
46May, 2016Agricultural Efficiency among the Ultra-Poor of the Northern Region of Bangladesh: Does Credit and Training Matter?

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Sayema Haque Bidisha, Md. Amzad Hossain and Md. Mehadi Hasan
45December, 2015Economic Shocks and Coping Strategies: Evidence from Bangladesh

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Meherun Ahmed, M.A. Baqui Khalily and Mehadi Hasan
44December, 2015Contribution of Microfinance to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Bangladesh

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Selim Raihan, S. R. Osmani and M. A. Baqui Khalily
43December, 2015Impact of Ex-Ante Access to Microfinance on the Coping Strategies to Cope with Monga of Poor Households in North-Western Bangladesh

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Md. Tareq Ferdous Khan, M. A. Baqui Khalily, and Henry Scheyvens
42December, 2015Who Benefits Most from Microfinance in Bangladesh?

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Shahidur R. Khandker, M.A. Baqui Khalily, and Hussain A. Samad
41December, 2015Non-Borrowing Effects of Microfinance Participation: Evidence Using Long Panel Survey Data in Bangladesh

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Shahidur R. Khandker, M. A. Baqui Khalily, and Hussain M. Samad
40December, 2015Loss and Damage, Caused by Cyclones Sidr, Aila and Mahasen: Coping Strategies, Adaptation and the Role of Microfinance

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Md. Tareq Ferdous Khan, M. A. Baqui Khalily, and Henry Scheyvens
39December, 2015The Role of Microfinance and Microfinance Institutions in Climate Change Adaptation: Learning from Experiences in Bangladesh

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Henry Scheyvens
38October, 2015Impact of Microfinance on Women Empowerment in North-Western Region of Bangladesh-PRIME as a Case Study

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Anwara Begum and Nahid Akhter
37September, 2015The Impact of Microcredit on Rural Labour Market in Bangladesh

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S. R. Osmani
36May, 2015How Does Microcredit Work? Testing the Theories of Microcredit.

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S.R. Osmani and Wahiduddin Mahmud
35April, 2015How Does Microcredit Work? A Review of the Theories of Microcredit.

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S.R. Osmani and Wahiduddin Mahmud
34December, 2014Does Microcredit Empower Women or Is It a New Form of Discipline? The Case of Microcredit Self-Help Groups in India.

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Isabelle Guérin and Santosh Kumar
33December, 2014Programmed Initiative, Reaching the Extreme Poor and MFI Sustainability: Mission Drift or Diseconomy?

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M. Sadiqul Islam
32November, 2014Technical Efficiency Analysis of PRIME Branches in Monga Areas of Bangladesh: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis

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Farhana Nargis
31November, 2014Designing Social Protection for the Rural Poor: Learning from Lessons on the Ground

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S. R. Osmani
30November, 2014Risk, Deprivation and Vulnerability Facing the Rural Poor of Bangladesh

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Syed M. Ahsan, Syed Abdul Hamid, M. A. Baqui Khalily, Shubhasish Barua and Chowdhury Abdullah Al Asif
29July, 2014Gender Role and Individual Modernity: An Exploratory Study in Microfinance and Gender Role Transformation

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Habibul Haque Khondker
28July, 2014Inequity in Formal Health Care Use: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh

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Syed Abdul Hamid, Syed M. Ahsan, Afroza Begum and Chowdhury Abdullah Al Asif
27July, 2014Disease-specific Impoverishment Impact of Out-of-Pocket Payments for Health Care: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh

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Syed Abdul Hamid and Syed M. Ahsan
26July, 2014Are Microcredit Borrowers in Bangladesh Over-indebted?

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Shahidur R. Khandker, Rashid Faruqee and Hussain A. Samad
25March, 2014Microfinance and Moneylenders: Long-run Effects of MFIs on Informal Credit Market in Bangladesh

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Claudia Berg, M. Shahe Emran and Forhad Shilpi
24March, 2014Are Microcredit Participants in Bangladesh Trapped in Poverty and Debt?

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Shahidur R. Khandker, and Hussain A. Samad
23March, 2014Has Microcredit Helped the Rural Poor of Bangladesh? An Analytical Review of the Evidence So Far

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S. R. Osmani
22March, 2014Impact of Regulation on the Cost Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions in Bangladesh

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M. A. Baqui Khalily, M. Abdul Khaleque and S. Badruddoza
21December, 2013Vulnerability to Shocks and Coping Strategies in Rural Bangladesh

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S. R. Osmani and Meherun Ahmed
20September, 2013Access to Credit and Productivity of Enterprises in Bangladesh:Is there Causality?

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M. A Baqui Khalily and Md. Abdul Khaleque
19September, 2013Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions in Bangladesh

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Shakil Quayes and M. A Baqui Khalily
18May, 2013The Pattern and Determinants of Poverty in Rural Bangladesh: 2000-2010

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S. R. Osmani and Muhammad Abdul Latif
17April, 2013Micro Health Insurance in Bangladesh: Innovations in Design, Delivery and Distribution Channels

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Syed M. Ahsan, Syed Abdul Hamid, Shubhasish Barua, Mohammad Rifat Haider and Chowdhury Abdullah Al Asif
16March, 2013Microfinance Growth and Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh: What Does the Longitudinal Data Say?

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Shahidur R. Khandker, and Hussain A. Samad
15March, 2013Does Access to Finance Matter in Microenterprise Growth? Evidence from Bangladesh

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Shahidur R. Khandker, Hussain A. Samad, and Rubaba Ali
14February, 2013Impact of Microcredit on Agricultural Farm Performance and Food Security in Bangladesh

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Md. Abdul Wadud
13September, 2012Utilisation of Formal Health Care and Out-of-Pocket Payments in Rural Bangladesh

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Syed M. Ahsan, Syed Abdul Hamid and Shubhasish Barua
12March, 2012Inequality in Rural Bangladesh in the 2000s: Trends and Causes

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S. R. Osmani and Binayak Sen
11January, 2012Asset Accumulation and Poverty Dynamics in Rural Bangladesh: The Role of Microcredit

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S. R. Osmani
10February, 2011Can Social Safety Nets Cure Monga in North West Bangladesh?

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Shahidur R. Khandker, M. Abdul Khaleque and Hussain A. Samad
09December, 2010Dynamics of Poverty in Rural Bangladesh: A Research Framework

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S. R. Osmani and Binayak Sen
08April, 2010Microfinance for Agriculture in Bangladesh : Current Status and Future Potentials

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Rashid Faruqee
07April, 2010Dynamics of Market Share in the Microfinance Industry in Bangladesh

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Chowdhury Shameem Mahmoud, M.A. Baqui Khalily and Syed Naimul Wadood
06April, 2010Seasonality and Hardcore Poor with Microfinance: Results of the PKSF Ultra Poor Project in Bangladesh

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Shahidur R. Khandker, M. A. Baqui Khalily, and Hussain A. Samad
05April, 2010Seasonal Migration and Mitigating Income Seasonality in Northwest Bangladesh

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Shahidur R. Khandker, M. A. Baqui Khalily and Hussain A. Samad
04April, 2010Vulnerability to Seasonal Hunger and Its Mitigation in Northwest Bangladesh

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Shahidur R. Khandker, M. A. Baqui Khalily and Hussain A. Samad
03April, 2010Health Risks in Bangladesh: Can Microinsurance Prevent Vulnerability to Poverty?

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Syed M. Ahsan and Shubhasish Barua
02April, 2010Toward an Efficient and Sustainable Microinsurance Market: The Regulatory Perspective

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Syed M. Ahsan, Shubhasish Barua and Jaimie L. Tax
01April, 2010Microinsurance, Poverty and Vulnerability: A Concept Paper

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Syed M. Ahsan