Institute of Microfinance (InM) Training Centre Inaugurates by Chairman, InM

Institute of Microfinance (InM) commenced the journey of its own training centre in Monsurabad, Dhaka. The inauguration ceremony of the centre was held on Friday, 22 November 2013. Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman, InM, graced the ceremony as the chief guest. Mr. Khondkar Ibrahim Khaled, Former Chairman, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Dr. Jashim Uddin, DMD, PKSF and Mr. Khandakar Muzharul Haque, EVC, MRA were the special guests of the program. Distinguished guests from PKSF, MRA, MFIs and other stakeholders were also present in the ceremony.

Professor M. A. Baqui Khalily, Executive Director of the institute, in his welcoming speech, remarked the day as a memorable one for InM for several reasons. He also conveyed his thanks and gratitude to the chairman of the institute in materializing the dream through his prudent leadership and guidance. He welcomed and appreciated the collaboration and support of MRA, PKSF and stakeholders in all aspects of the growth and development of InM, including this milestone.

The centre will help InM to turn up its vision to meet the training demand of the sector, Dr. Md. Mosleh Uddin Sadeque, Director (Training and Operations), InM said. Dr. Sadeque also noted the professional expertise and strength of InM, the contribution of collaborating institutes in escalation of training activities and looked forward to carrying this achievement further in long run.

Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Training Advisor, InM hoped the Institute will continue its expedition considering the dynamism and demand of the sector. Equipped within professional and contemporary knowledge, state of the art technology, global collaboration and exposure, InM will emerge as a training centre of the sector, he expected.

Stating the institutional association of BIBM in the stages of development of InM Training and the institute itself, Dr. Toufic Ahmad Choudhury, Director General, BIBM passed on good wishes to InM. Dr. Toufic also envisaged the centre will become a centre of excellence in offering specialized professional training services.

Focusing the critical issues confronted by microfinance sector, Mr. Khondkar Ibrahim Khaled, respected member of InM Board gave some insights for future operational sketch of InM training activities. Issues like mounting growth and size, importance of regulation, transparency and governance of the sector necessitate the significance of professional development for MFIs to act under formal financial regime. His expectation included that InM would offer quality training and learning programs, which may vary from masters to PhD funding, in existing scenario and future landscape of the sector.

Dr. Jashim Uddin,  expressed his appreciation for the step taken by InM to offer training programs from its own premise and facility. Indicating huge existing and evolving demand of training programs from PKSF POs and the sector as well, Dr. Jashim put emphasis on the active role of InM to meet the same.

Mr. Khandakar Muzharul Haque in his speech denoted the confidence and collaboration of MRA with InM in the area of research and training. Inclusion of the stakeholders, central bank and other human resource development organizations to a greater extent in the professional and knowledge dissemination programs of InM will help the sector to be shaped in more sensible way, Mr. Muzhar remarked.

Honorable chief guest Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad appreciated this foremost step of InM for its own capacity enhancement and sustainability. The farsighted plan for the center and its participatory implementation brought the success to InM, he added. Besides, he remarked recent changes and transformations to more integrated and humane approaches of microfinancing, to deal poverty alleviation and development. InM will substantiate the changes in its research and training activities and contribute the sector accordingly, he hoped. By giving a visionary view of sustainable InM within next courses of years, the chairman inaugurated the training centre of InM.