Dialogue with the Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)

2Institute of Microfinance (InM) has organized a dialogue with MFIs at InM conference room Lalmatia, Dhaka on 12 September 2013. The dialogue was primarily aimed at addressing the critical issues for research in the field of microfinance and suggesting effective modules for training. Discussion about product development in microfinance sphere was also welcomed. In addition, the various constraints that MFIs are facing in recent years and the policy 1recommendation to mitigate these problems and how Institute of Microfinance can play role through policy advocacy were also discussed in the dialogue. The event was chaired by Professor M.A. Baqui Khalily, executive director of the Institute of Microfinance. Executive Directors of other MFIs were present in the dialogue as participants. In addition, Professor M. Sadiqul Islam, University of Dhaka also participated in the dialogue.

Various critical issues and policy suggestion were talked over in the dialogue by the participants. It was suggested to strengthen the relationship between microfinance sector and InM by reducing information gap, creating advisory council with the leaders of microfinance sector representing geographical zone of the country, forming network for applied research of selected MFIs. Experimental research regarding new products should be undertaken to enhance the sector. Capacity building in handling the severity of climate change and developing human resource both internally and externally through offering diploma courses and short training program should be also taken into consideration.