Completed Training Course

Completed Training Courses 2016

PKSF Partner Organisations Training:

PKSF, the leading apex lending and capacity development organisation in Bangladesh, provides continuous assistance to its partner organisations (POs) in strengthening their capacities in different areas. In this context, InM jointly with PKSF organised training programmes for POs where a total of 1,089 participants from 160 MFIs successfully completed their courses in 2016.  

MRA Licensed MFIs Training:

MRA is the central regulatory body established by the government to monitor and supervise microfinance operations in the country. During 2016, a special course was offered for MRA licensed MFIs titled “Financial Statement Preparation and Risk Management”. InM also organised training courses in 10 batches for 261 executive heads from different MFIs. The course design offered a framework on financial statement preparation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements, asset-liability management, governance issues, regulatory framework, risk in microfinance operations, and operational aspects of Bangladesh Anti-Money Laundering Act. The course enhanced the capacity of Executive Directors, CEOs, Chairmen and other senior personnel of MFIs on addressing various dimensions of microfinance issues.

Customised Training:

Customised training programmes are designed, prepared and offered as per the requirements of MFIs. Customised training courses motivate the InM trainers to go the extra miles needed to get into the heart of the matters and pursue the road that may not be found in standard books or training manuals. InM organised two customised training courses in 2016. 

Enterprise Management and Promotion of Private Business:

InM conducted four batches of training course on Enterprise Management and Promotion of Private Business for senior officials of PKSF-POs where a total of 94 participants mostly Senior Operational Managers of 50 PACE (Promoting Agricultural Commercialisation and Enterprises) POs joined. InM was selected to organise these four batches of training under the PACE project of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) through competitive bidding. This five-day training provided a framework for microenterprise management to the practitioners so that they could understand the business of targeted micro-entrepreneurs (covering both farm and off-farm activities) and design financial products accordingly.

Interpersonal Communication and Risk Management:

A total of 42 mid-level Managers of Kushtia-based MFI SETU and 25 mid-level officials of the INGO Muslim Aid Bangladesh joined the training course on Interpersonal Communication and Risk Management. The course blended various exercises and case studies to sharpen the microfinance management knowledge with new ideas and concepts. The trainers/facilitators familiarised the participants with different methods of interpersonal communication and risk management practices keeping microfinance in the forefront.