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3rd Graduation Ceremony of Diploma in Microfinance

The 3rd Graduation Ceremony of “InM Diploma in Microfinance” programme introduced by Institute for Inclusive Finance and Development (InM) was held on 27 April 2017 at 3:00 pm at PKSF Auditorium, Agargaon. Professor Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddique, Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka was present in the ceremony as the Chief Guest. The programme was presided over by Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman, InM. All together 54 participants from 4th, 5th and 6th batches were awarded the Diploma in Microfinance. 

Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Director of Education Division of InM briefely described the audience about the programme. The programme covers six courses in six month duration which is designed with long term human development goal in vision. Dr. Mustafa K Mujeri, Executive Director, InM spoke about the vision of InM in his welcome speech. He mentioned that Diploma awarded participants from this programme will be able to blend the attained knowledge in proper way with their experience, intellect and wisdom and lead the sector in future.

The Chief Guest, Professor Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddique, Honourable Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka mentioned in his speech that the Diploma programme introduced by InM is playing an important role in satisfying the need for a large pool of efficient and knowledgeable manpower who are dedicated and responsive to the causes of the poor.

The Chairman addressed in his speech that in today’s scenario, the NGOs/MFIs are not confined to the mere activities of disbursing loans. Poverty does not only mean people’s inaccessibility to finance but its concept is closely entangled with their detachment from all the essential attributes vital for the development as human being. To face the challenges, a holistic approach is necessary. He expressed his opinion that the Diploma programme introduced by InM will be able to meet this expectation to a large extent.

To meet the demand for knowledgeable and skilled human resources in the microfinance sector, InM introduced the Diploma in Microfinance Programme in 2015. Since inception, 140 (one hundred and forty) participants in 6 batches have completed the programme. Distinguished personnel from various organisations namely MFIs, Bank and Government sectors are the main participants of the programme.




InM Publishes Book on Rural Mechanisation

The Institute for Inclusive Finance and Development (InM) organised a ceremony on 16 April 2017 in the PKSF Auditorium in Dhaka to launch a new book titled Rural Mechanisation: A Driver in Agricultural Change and Rural Development. The book, published by InM, is edited by M. A. Sattar Mandal, Stephen D Biggs and Scott E. Justice. Begum Matia Chowdhury, Minister of Agriculture attended the ceremony as the Chief Guest while Dr. Atiur Rahman, former Governor of Bangladesh Bank was present as the Special Guest. Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman of InM presided over the function. 


The book looks into the significance of the pattern of rural mechanisation for agricultural and rural development in Bangladesh.  It identifies the policy issues and explains why this smaller-scale mechanisation transformation can serve as a strong driver of transformation of the rural economy of Bangladesh. The book indicates that the spread of small-scale equipment has resulted in widespread mechanisation of the agriculture sector in the country. Such mechanisation has also been accompanied by some workers leaving rural areas and finding profitable employment in urban areas and rising inflow of remittances. In many areas, shortages of labour at peak times have also led to substantial increases in real rural wages benefitting the poorer groups. This has brought significant dynamism in the rural economy with varied multiplier impacts. In regions where smaller-scale mechanisation has taken place, there has also been a growth of rural industries and strong linkages with the broader national economy. The book terms this distinct process of rural transformation through smaller-scale rural mechanisation as unique to Bangladesh which is not seen elsewhere where larger-scale commercial agriculture dominates.


Among others, Mustafa K. Mujeri, Executive Director of InM, M. A. Sattar Mandal, co-editor of the book, Akhter Ahmad of IFPRI-Bangladesh, Wais Kabir, former Chairman of BARC and Timothy J. Krupnik from CIMMYT spoke on the occasion. Academics, policy makers, practitioners and representatives from the development partners attended the ceremony.


The book is available at InM Head Office. Price: BDT 1,000; USD $25 (Hard Cover). For copies, please contact: Knowledge Management Division, InM. Phone: +88(02)8181066; email:

For soft copy PDF version 




Recent Publication

The Institute for Inclusive Finance and Development (InM) has published a new Bangla publication titled ‘পর্যেষণা’ on the occasion of its celebrating ‘a decade of InM’s journey’. Since its inception, InM has conducted different research, training and others development activities for the financial sector. The publication presents its major activities at a glance.




Admission of 7th Batch Diploma Starts


Download Flyer

Develop your capacity to adopt a more strategic approach, execution capability and the right set of specialised skills for the emerging development-inspired Microfinance sector engaged in adopting innovations through technology and improved business operating models!!

Be a part, identify your opportunities in the evolving Microfinance sector transforming itself from mission-driven ethos to one responding to the needs and interests of the poor in Bangladesh!!!

Past Diploma Holders working successfully in renowned organisations like MRA, BRAC, PKSF, ASA, SOJAG, Padakhep, ESDO, UDDIPAN and other leading MFIs.


  1. Excellent Faculty with wide knowledge and experience in Microfinance
  2. Tailored Course Materials designed for the Diploma Programme by specialists in both Bangla and English
  3. Printed Course Materials distributed to participants free of charge at the beginning of the Programme
  4. Introduction of each Course by well-known Experts and Practitioners at the Beginning
  5. Invited Guest Lectures by Microfinance Experts for better Understanding of Practical Issues
  6. One-month long Internships at the End for Acquiring On-Hand Expertise


  1. Bachelors Degree in any discipline
  2. Preference given to applicants working in MFIs, Development Organisations, Banks, and Financial Institutions
  3. Women especially encouraged to apply

Course Duration: 6 Months (offered only on Saturdays)

Last Date of Application: 29 Jan 2017

Class Commence: 11 Feb 2017






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