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Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural Bangladesh

Author:S.R. Osmani with Meherun Ahmed, Muhammad A. Latif and Binayak Sen


Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural Bangladesh

[Published in association with the University Press Limited (UPL)]

In 2010, the Institute of Microfinance (InM) in Dhaka initiated a project entitled “The Dynamics of Poverty in Rural Bangladesh.” As the title of the project indicates, the objective of the project is to study the dynamics of poverty, i.e., how and why some poor people move out of poverty over time, while others fall into poverty, and yet others remain stuck in chronic poverty. Such a study of dynamics is necessarily longitudinal in nature involving panel data generated by surveying the same sample of households at different points in time. The baseline survey of the proposed longitudinal study was undertaken in 2010, and the present study is based on the data generated by the baseline survey.


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