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Bangladesh at Fifty: Moving beyond Development Traps

Author:Mustafa K. Mujeri and Neaz Mujeri


Palgrave Macmillan, London, November 2020, pp. 569 + xxi

The book, published under the Palgrave Studies in Economic History, examines the unfolding of Bangladesh’s development drama over the past fifty years, which is full of development surprises and extraordinary resilience of the people. Rising from the ashes, the country has now emerged as one of Asia’s most remarkable phoenixes and amasing and unexpected success stories of recent years. The book argues that Bangladesh’s economic transformation over the last fifty years has largely been driven by social changes, initiated by women empowerment. Bangladesh’s agricultural modernisation model characterises the sequencing of chemicalisation and mechanisation. The pattern of industrialisation has been closely linked with urbanisation and the developments are more akin to the ‘production cities’ paradigm in contrast with the ‘consumption cities’ approach. The authors caution that it is true that Bangladesh has shown remarkable catching-up records in recent years through raising economic growth and fostering overall development, but many development traps still remain in its future journey.

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