Accounts & Finance

InM has an efficient Finance and Accounts Division that maintains the overall financial affairs and manages related budgetary activities as well as ensures financial transparency of the regular activities of InM. The financial activities of the Institute are performed and monitored by two auditing cells – internal and external auditing bodies.

Internal audit of InM ensures the regular auditing activities of all the expenditures of the Institute. The adequate internal check and control are in place through appropriate employment of finance and internal audit team to check and validate the expenses and the systems in operation. It performs the regular auditing of the financial documents of all programmes and branches, and reports to the ED.

The Finance and Accounts Division prepares financial statements in conformity with general accepted accounting practices, Bangladesh Accounting Standard (BAS) and Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards (BFRS).

Finance and Accounts Staff

sadeque_hassanSadeque M. A. Hassan
Senior Assistant Director and Head of Finance and Accounts
farish_mohammad_abdullahFarish Muhammad Abdullah
Senior Assistant Director
mohosin_sikderMd. Mohosin Sikder
Assistant Director – G1